Veslo is a place created for people to gather and enjoy what is at the core of Croatian culture: great food, drinks, sports, music and lively company. By bringing the fabulous flavors of the Dalmatian Coast to New York—Veslo makes Croatians feel like they’re back at home and allows others to discover the rich culture and spirit of the region.

Along the Dalmatian Coast, rugged rocky terrain flows seamlessly into the deep crystal-clear water of the Adriatic Sea. This stunning region is the inspiration for the design and décor of Veslo. Rich stone and wood – staples of Dalmatian architecture – are effortlessly blended with modern glass and metal to create a chic yet rustically inviting atmosphere.

Veslo’s traditional restaurant menu and simple lounge menu complete the feel making it the perfect locale for enjoying a delicious meal, the latest sporting events, music and late night entertainment.

32-11 Broadway | Astoria, New York 11106 | 718.728.0549

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