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Eight Advantages Of Online Matrimonial Sites In India |

Online matrimonial sites have reduced the weight of finding groom or bride by taking help of traditional marriage broker or the priest. Matrimonial sites have given an advance search tool with the help of anyone can find their soul mate or perfect partner is a just few clicks away. Now a day's online matrimonial sites are preferred the most as per of the convenience provided by them some good points of searching the right partner.

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How To Identify Fake Matrimonial Profile |

Where will be the real, there also will be the fake. Various incidents of the fake matrimonial profile of boys and girls have become a platitude. It has become important to be alert while searching and chatting online. Because of these fake profile incidents the people who genuinely wants to create a profile scruples to make any account on any online matrimonial site. So we are sharing how to identify these fake accounts on matrimonial sites in india.

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7 Vows- The Real Meaning Of Seven Vows In Hindu Marriage |

All the colors of the world are in the seven rounds of life this is the real meaning of Seven Vow, 7 Vow is the ritual performed by the bride and the groom. In Hindu wedding ritual the significance of Saat Phere i.e. seven rounds is utmost. In this sacred ritual, the bride and the groom have to circumambulate around the pious fire i.e. resemble of god of fire(Agni deva) and take seven rounds, within each round, there exists a momentousness of the marital relationship.  Each consecrate round or Vow is a promise, the bride, and the groom use to give to each other while taking each round around the holy fire, it is said that after taking these seven rounds in the presence of sacred fire, the bond between the spouses become unbreakable and they would become inseparable even after their arrival from the earth. In fact in Hindu mythology, on the basis of our Vedas, it is said that after these seven consecrate rounds or Saat Phere or Seven Vows the couples becomes of each other for seven live

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7 States, 7 Unique Wedding Bangle Rituals Performed In Different States Of India |

7 States, 7 Unique & Different Wedding Bangle Rituals Performed By Indian Brides

Bangles, In India, have a different and unique place with a Traditional meaning. In India, bangles are not just as an ornament to adorn and for embellish but as a symbol of being married woman it signifies. In the different colours of different rituals of the wedding, the bangle rituals come amongst them and have the different colour like others. Rituals differentiate according to the state, religion, and community but inhibit and carry same meaning and significance. Each state and community has the different process of the bangle ceremony like the different flavour of India. Lets take a visit towards bangle tradition of different states.

Bridal Bangles of Rajasthan:

The most colourful state of India, Rajasthan, the bridal bangles of here are famous. The Rajasthani bride uses to wear the combination of different vibrant and positive colours of life like green, which represents prosperity, red, which r

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What Is Manglik Dosh? Facts & Myths About Manglik Dosh |

What Is Manglik Dosh? Facts About Manglik Dosh

In our country, India, most of the faults arise due to perception and misconception in which Manglik Dosh is one. This fault or Dosh is formed when mars is in the first house i.e. Dominant, Fourth house i.e. house of mental serenity, seventh house i.e. house of marital life, eighth house i.e. house of life of life, twelfth house i.e. house of financial loss or crisis.

We have huge database for both manglik brides & grooms. We are one of the best manglik matrimony, which will help you to find suitable manglik matches.

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6 Basic Advantages Of Searching Partner Through Online Matrimonial site In India |

A new way of searching and finding the desired life partner the Online Matrimonial Sites in India have given where no headache of presenting each time to a stranger for the marriage has been removed, now the prospects or their families register and choose as per their choice only without any mental stress. 

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All the Matrimonial Sites in India provides free registration where the user just have to fill all the asked details which mainly includes E-mail ID, Username, Mobile number. Safe and easy registration procedures these Matrimonial Sites offers with the assurance of reliable search and find.

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Once getting registered the member is notified via E-mail or through the messaging service

After getting registered and becoming the member of Matrimonial Site one just has to take next stride near towards finding the

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Bengali Bride- 6 Most Fashionable Jewellery A Bengali Bride Should Wear On Her Wedding Day

The women of Bengal are very well known for their shiny black lustrous hair and beautiful eloquent eyes. The Bengali brides look more charming in a unique style draped saree and decorated with artistically lovely ornaments.

Wearing ornaments includes the shakha-paula ceremony, in which the bride has to wear one pair of red and white bangles.

Red is the most loved colour by the Bengali Brides and it is also wore by them on every auspicious occasion (like the Bengali women wear red and white saree on the occasion of Durga Puja ). The banarasi silk in widely used and is common and most popular. The Bengali bride usually prefers to wear a bright red silk saree with gold zari,or buta work,or kantha work on it, handcrafted with ancient prints and designs.

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5 Different Wedding Rituals All Around The Globe |

posted by Vivahsanyog 4 months ago
tags: wedding rituals marriage rituals

Marriage holds same meaning in the whole world where both the bride and groom take vows for each other as a promise of long-lasting love, happiness, togetherness, and kinship. But the way of performing the wedding rituals are different all over the world as per of the traditions where the destination is same but the way is different. Each wedding tradition is performed in the different but exciting and amazing way, so today we will go on a world tour where you will know about the different wedding traditions across the globe. Let's begin. Many matrimony sites have written on this topic around India. But we are presenting wedding rituals all around the world.

In the wedding tradition of South Africa, the bride's parents and the groom's parents as the blessing and good wishes to their newlywed couples the fire they bring from their fireplace. Then the newlywed takes those fires and places them to their new homes fireplace together to ignite and starts their new married life together f

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5 Matrimonial About Me Samples For Man And Woman |

If the children are of marriageable age, how will you get to know, by the parents from the stress on their face because, in India, marriage is an important issue, yes it is an issue if you are of marriageable age and your parents are working hard? So in this stress and to low it, they end up registering their child’s profile on the matrimonial site. The registration process is simple and free after the registration but one challenge come and that challenge is writing the profile description. A profile description tells about you as a person like about your family background, education, professional career, hobbies or interest but what if the description you have given does not work out. What kind of profile description or about me would be great enough to give you the maximum response? So in here, we are with 5 matrimonial profile descriptions.

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An India Bride For Marriage As Per Of An Indian Man |

In our country India, marriage is the biggest matter like an issue and concept in which everyone is interested to share their views, thoughts, and opinions, whether they were asked or not. They think it's their birthright to express their view regarding what kind of partner the prospect should have especially in the case of looking for a bride. We are living in the 21st century but still, we behave like the same hypocrites in the concept of perfect bride whether their son would be perfect or not. There are lots of things which have made the mentality and thinking of all the peoples from severe years. The partner preference of both the man and woman are different and nothing makes both the preferences similar or meets at some point. Today, in here we will discuss what are the perfect partner preferences of the Indian man.

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