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page spped as ranking in 2018

posted by monster 9 months ago
tags: pagespeed mobilefirstindex seo

Google have announced that page speed is going to be ranking factor in SERP. People have started to consider page speed as one of the facter that need to be improved. It's relly annoying if website starts to take long loading time, everyone feel same and Ialso feel same. Nobody is going to wait website that takes more then 10 sec to load completely. also  People have started to use mobile devices more to search from google. Smartphone are easy to use and it's easier to use browser and serches happens more from mobile devices these days. Website take more time to load in mobile devices and does not load properly which cause returning of visitor.

Focusing this factore google is focusing in Page speed for both mobile and dektop searches.

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seo service in nepal

posted by monster 9 months ago
tags: seo service in nepal seo nepal

SEO is one of the best way to attract organic traffic to your site. it is one of the best method to convert your organic traffic  into costumer. seo stands for search engine optimization and process of ranking your site on top of the google or any search engine for keywords in your niche.I am seo expert in nepal and have been doing seo for more than 5 years and have been working in this curently. it's really fun to work  what is good for you.

For more visit my personal blog,

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what is Internet marketing?

posted by monster 10 months ago
tags: internet marketing internetmarketing seo

digital world

It's time for digital era, time have changed to something new and advance, we are the generation who have seen the change of time, where there was no interent to internet is life. use of digital things have covered the world. its time for digital world and no people can deny it, one have to change with the flow of time or you are going to be left behind. every thing used today are smart, like smart phone, smart tvs,computer it self is smart, smart cards almost every thing have been smart so people who use it are smart automatically, you think so? It's no, people using smart devives are not smart unless they can do something very extra with that smart things. I am internet marketer as well as seo expert from Nepal.

seo expert in nepal

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have you ever had travel in Nepal don't miss the adventure?

posted by monster 10 months ago
tags: travelinnepal nepaltravel travel adventure


trekking in nepal

Have you ever been to Nepal? if not you are missing one of the best place to see in your life. Yopu are not missing only place also the unique tradition and culture people in Nepal celebrate. It's one of the best experience you will have if you visit Nepal. Trekking in Nepal is fun thing to do. fishing, touring,mountain climbing, cultures and more to explore.

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best dressers for your room

posted by monster 10 months ago
tags: dressers bestdressers

best dressers

Dressers is one of the must have furniture in every room or at least 1 in a house. this is one of the needed furniture after bed. dressers is very much important to make your room look attractive and manage your stuff properly. you can manage lot of stuff inside dressers and keep safe. so when getting one you need to be careful and get one of the best dressers so that it can last life long.

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best electric griddle to buy

Electric griddles are one of the best appliances used in today kitchen. it is easier to use as it use electricity in place of coal. it can cook lots of food compare to grills and electricpans. there are lots of brand producing electric griddles and selling it. you can cook food faster and easier from electric griddle and save you time often. if you are searchin for one to buy then you can find best electric griddle list here with full information and reviews.

best electric griddle

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local vanity number for business

local vanity number

vanity numbers will often boost business in the favorable way you're striving for. Simply having a bunch of numbers on your ad or business card can make it look just like that; a bunch of numbers. A vanity number looks a lot more creative and gets the potential clients or customers to start considering your company and what you do. If your vanity number contains the name of your company, it could get potential customers to recollect who you are.A vanity number will be good for your business overall, so do think about getting one. this numbers can help potential customers to remember the number better, could easily get more calls considering that the call is free, and could attract attention because they are creatively written. Using marketing methods such as vanity numbers is a great idea for businesses which want the extra attention.

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Using a Vanity Number to Increase Sales for Your Business

vanity number business

In business, marketing is a big part of whether or not a company is successful. There are plenty of marketing and advertising tactics that can be used to drive business in the right direction. Various advertising and marketing technics are used, such as various radio and newspaper ads, fliers or brochures, eye-catching signs on buildings in addition to online ads, that would show the products and services you provide attractively.Vanity number can certainly work well for any marketing or advertising purposes, allowing you to reap the benefits of a phone number which can simply be recalled. Boosting business for your company is the intended goal, therefore using a vanity number that will work well is certainly good thing to have.


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